Laurits Nymand Svendsen


Untitled (arbiter)

Untitled (mirror waves), video (1:46)

Video loops shown at The Jutland Art Academy for Cecilia Wendt’s critique class. The class worked like this: First of all, the student presenting his or her work was only observing, not speaking. For the first half of the session, the other students would describe the present work; only during the second half were we supposed to interpret it. At this point, we would commonly try to guess the intention behind the work – a curious situation, at times, in the presence of the artist behind it. This situation was the stimulus for these three videos, which are intentionally made to be at least somewhat arbitrary, or randomly produced. For example, in the video Untitled (arbiter) the camera is “directed“ by the irregular flight of butterflies. The butterflies are, so to speak, the arbiters controlling the image. The resulting video is intentionally unintentional, from the point of view of the artist.