Laurits Nymand Svendsen


Nature Go Home

Installation with domestic robots and natural objects, 2017. Collaboration by MOTOR (Margr├ęt Agnes Iversen, Malte Klagenberg, Laurits Nymand Svendsen). Installation view: Vacuum robots are scattering a pile of leaves throughout the exhibition period.

Video showing the exhibition.

Exhibition opening.

Installation view: A grill cleaning robot is filing away at a rotten log. Vacuum robots are charging in the background.

Detail: The grill cleaning robot is suspended from the ceiling and moves around sporadically on the log with its spinning steel brushes.

Installation view: Pile of leaves at the beginning of the exhibition period before being scattered by vacuum robots.

Detail: Vacuum robot is in way over its head.

Installation view. To the left: A window cleaning robot is cleaning a continuously irrigated window. On the floor: A marble cleaning robot. On the isolated wall: Exhibition title in pencil.

Detail: Window cleaning robot on irrigated window.

Installation view: A grass net filled with flowers is suspended from a turning disco ball motor. On the floor a vacuum robot is cleaning up fallen petals.

Detail: The grass rope and flowers seen from outside the exhibition space.

Detail: The grass rope and flowers seen from below.