Laurits Nymand Svendsen


LIFE showroom

Role-playing exhibition. Collaboration with Malte Klagenberg & Nilas Dumstrei

Role-playing exhibition presented as a pop-up showroom by LIFE, a made-up tech giant.

There were 2 sides to the exhibition:

Firstly, it was a presentation of the ficitional world of the company LIFE.

Secondly, it offered a bunch of opportunities for guests to participate in experimental roleplaying games.

Through videos, portraits, free products, and more, guests could learn more the workings of LIFE. Essentially, the company was a mirror of real tech giants like Facebook or Google, but darker, more occult, more state-like, and colored by magical thinking.

However, it was perhaps also more transparent than e.g. Facebook or Google, with LIFE's CEO talking straight out of the bag about selling user data etc.

The intention, more or less, was to confront guests with a skewed, exaggerated kind of tech giant, hoping to be able to learn more about the complex phenomena of real tech giants.

Guests could also interact with LIFE staff – the 3 artists behind the exhibition who role-played as low ranking workers. As LIFE staff, we were in character, and guests could choose to go along with the fiction.

Among other things, guests could join small tours of the exhibition in which they were encouraged to participate more and more actively, helping LIFE staff to "create data".

After a bit of role-playing warm-up, guests could also sign up for a trainee program where they would get their own LIFE T-shirt and job for the rest of the day (e.g. to collect data about other guests or to make them feel good).

A program of speeches, music and more also took place. This program concluded with a session in which selected guests could meet LIFE's CEO. Xauran Qobs, as he was called – portrayed by actor Anders Glud Jensen – was live on video in a back room. Guests who agreed to meet him were in for a private 1-on-1 role-playing session.

Guests and artists meet – with the artists in the roles of LIFE employees

LIFE flow, video (23:06, 1920x1080). Interviews with LIFE CEO Xauron Qobs, portrayed by actor Anders Glud Jensen, commercials for LIFE products, and more

LIFE's CEO Xauron Qobs live on video chat in the back room of the exhibition space

Employees of the year, 6 portraits (A4) QR codes, as well as 6 websites

Scanning the QR code on the face or neck of each employee takes you to a website with further information about that specific employee

Outside of the exhibition space was a small hangout area to draw people in

2 banners on the street signalled some kind of business event

water of LIFE, juice dispensor with 2 very colorful beverages