Laurits Nymand Svendsen


All Inclusive

Outdoor installation, 2017. Collaboration by Malte Klagenberg and Laurits Nymand Svendsen. The work consists of 11 sculptures of human heads, all of which can be used in specific ways by different groups of animals.

Sculpture in red clay containing useful plants: lavender, oregano, wild strawberry, and red sorrel.

The sculptures are placed at different heights on bird-feeder-like pedestals.

In the shade is a heat-sensitive sculpture for overwintering birds to eat. It’s made of coconut oil, bird seeds, and oat.

Sculpture in concrete with a pool to supply water for birds and insects.

Sculpture in sugar for various animals, especially insects, to eat.

Sculpture in blue clay containing decomposing fruits, leaves and fungal matter. For insects, worms, plants, and fungi to use.

Sculpture in unburned paper clay. The sculpture is filled with dirt containing roots and seeds from various weeds. Should they break through the thin shell of the sculpture, it will being to decompose quickly.

Sculpture in plaster for mice or other rodents to live in. It contains nest building materials and bait in the form of chocolate and sausage.

Sculpture in polyurethane foam and with various materials for insects to live in, including moss, tree bark, and dog hair.

Sculpture in salt. Made from 2 salt blocks for horses, it also contains a vitamin supplement.

Info sign with water color illustrations and descriptions of the functions of each sculpture.